Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recommended Blog: velosvintage

I came across the velosvintage blog recently and thought I would pass along the link.

The author focuses on team-issue race bikes. Posts are remarkably well-researched and illustrated with period magazine photos and other historical info. It is written in French, but this link will take you to an imperfect Google translation in English. Posting seems to be somewhat erratic, but here's hoping he keeps going.

Photos, top to bottom: a Tout-Mavic 1988 de Gribaldy Team KAS Vitus, Renault-Gitane rider Willy Tierlinck standing next to an on-strike Bernard Hinault (Tierlinck's 1978 Gitane is featured on the blog), and a closeup of the well-worn seat cluster on Serge Perin's 1980 Team Miko Mercier.

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